Saturday, July 11, 2009

Why do I need a title?

I have just spent a most enjoyable hour reading from finish to start, the blog called "Where Your Treasure Is" by my niece, Christine. It has so inspired me that I must put my fingers to the keys and begin this effort. I do not know what may interest you from the archives of my life, but I guess that I can put something out into cyberspace that will reflect some of my personality and the personality of some that I love and of whom I am very proud. Christine has established code names for her immediate family members which was probably wise since she has and will post their pictures and should protect other private information. Since my family is grown and responsible for their own safety, I think that if I use only first names to identify persons, that that will provide adequate safety.

Earlier this afternoon, I spent some time in Chip's blog and have now established a blog reader with which to keep up with family member's blogs. A couple months ago, I established a FaceBook account, and have accumulated over 60 friends. I have many other friend possibilities, but I have limited my FaceBook friends mostly to those on "the list" of family (descendants of my parents). There are three or four extended family members who are NOT descended from my parents and only about three who sneaked in as blasts from the past. I have resisted playing FaceBook games or taking Quizzes because I know that most or all of these applications are simply disguises for data harvesting operations.

The only application I have run is "We are Related" and I was quite disappointed when it limited the number of relations that I could identify. I think that it cut me off at ten or twenty when I was on my way to fifty! I have ignored all requests for Mafia Wars, or various quizzes, although I think that they may have some amusement value, I question the wisdom of letting my thoughts be harvested is such a way.

This paranoia is also part of the reason I have resisted initiating and posting to this blog, but I have decided that there are some things that I want to share. I am now officially retired and have little or no fear of any current or future employer stumbling onto this work, but I will probably be conservative in the items that I post.

If I include information that you think is improper, please comment and I will see if I can modify or delete those items. Thanks for coming to visit.